A Casual Introduction

So I have decided to start doing write ups on modified vehicles. The catch to it though, is that I will only be doing features on the average Joe’s ride! No endless budget, deep-pocketed overnight builds… No, no I am talking about the people who spend countless hours underneath their vehicles. The people who have embarked upon the sometimes decades long adventures of their beloved project car. Those who strive to be different, and pour their own hearts into their builds.

We all love seeing these beautiful show cars, but let’s face it most of us can’t afford to build such machines. Especially not in the timely manners that these large companies do. But don’t we still appreciate the home built rides that we occasionally (depending on where you live more frequently) see rolling by on the street? Ever wondered what the person behind the build has put into their vehicles, and what inspired them to do so? I have, and I do. That is why I have decided to spend my countless hours of depriving myself of sleep with the opportunity to bring back the popularity of individuals builds.

I have always been fascinated with cars, ever since I was a child. A lot of us car folk tend to have that in common, and I know I used to love reading the newest issues of the popular car magazines when they came out. But somewhere along the lines all of the magazines seemed to get so twisted up in these corporate builds, models, and advertisements (sometimes more advertisements, than articles). Where did the articles go about the cars you see at local car meets? Personally I believe the grassroots part of our culture needs more coverage, and I plan on bringing those daily driven home built rides to as many screens across the globe as possible. Without us folks out here on the streets, and going to local track days where would the automotive customization industry be? Hell where would the automotive industry as a whole be? You see, us average enthusiasts are the heart of the automotive world, not the corporations that stamp their name on everything they can.

With all this late night banter I will leave this post with the promise to bring those local “heroes” to a screen near you! Thank you for reading, hope you give a follow and a like for our future articles!

-Modified Dailies


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